Commonly Asked Questions

Q:  Why is looking at my Credit Card status?
A:  Our merchants utilize PCI-DSS level 1 compliant services to validate cardholder information that you as the consumer provided to them as the merchant—maybe a recurring payment for some goods, maybe a phone based transaction, maybe even a web based transaction.

Q:  How does the service work?
A:  Our service takes the information you provided to your merchant and validates that you provided legitimate information.  Once that validation is complete, your merchant will attempt to settle on the amount you agreed to and this company name will appear as a separate transaction on your statement. 

Q:  Will ever charge me for this service?
A:  No.  We will NEVER attempt to collect or settle a dollar amount.  As you see on your statement, we validated a ZERO dollar amount.

Q:  Why is on my statement if you are not the merchant and are not charging me?
A:  This is rare and controlled by the bank that issued your personal credit card and established your credit and notification terms.  99.9 percent of the time this will never appear on your statement. 

Q:  I suspect a merchant is trying to steal my money—how can I tell?
A:  Settlement transactions (the amount collected from your account) are always listed on your statement.  If you find that you see actual dollar charges that you are concerned with, please contact that vendor or merchant to discuss. is only a validation service used by merchants you have done business with--we are not a merchant to consumers, nor can consumers use our service.

Q:  What if I don’t recognize the name of the merchant charging my card?
A:  Call the merchant that charged your card first and verify the transaction.  There are many cases where the company you are doing business with utilizes other names or services to charge for purchases and services.  This is common with transactions that are recurring—examples include wine-of-the-month type services, auto payments, medical benefit payments, entertainment packages, and many more.

Q:  Who uses this service?
A:  Thousands of merchants utilize a validation service such as ours, on everyday transactions, recurring payment transactions, etc. and most of the time they will not appear on your statement.  Only merchants with valid merchant processing accounts can use this service.

Q:  How can I contact
A:  Please click the above Contact Us link and fill out the form—our representatives will reply quickly.